A New Take on The Classic Elf on the Shelf

Alan Lawrence, an art director and a dad-of-six living in Utah, has recreated the famous Xmas tradition: the Elf on the Shelf by turning his own baby boy into the cutest elf ever. He came up with a story about the little elf and started photographing his playful and a little naughty acts on his blog called “That Dad Blog”. Lawrence says “all of [their] friends do the Elf on the Shelf and [he] always thought it was sort of creepy, but also sort of fun.” Then he had the idea of “what if it was a real elf? And of course, being parents, [he] already has the cutest little 4-month-old. So [he] decided to make a fun series.”

Lawrence will post new pictures until Xmas. You may be worried that the little elf looks like he is in some dangerous situations but you shouldn’t because his daddy, due to his job, is a very successful and creative photo editor.




12377937_1644389665815203_7612566049350409855_oFor more of Lawrence’s works, check out www.thatdadblog.com