Face-Hacking: Real-time Face Tracking


Nobumichi Asai first unveiled his project Omote in 2014 and it instantly became a sensation. Omote displays a combination of real-time face tracking and projection mapping techniques to transform a model’s face using light as applied make up. The model’s face is used as a blank canvas and is altered through the projection of abstract visuals.


The preparation is long and intricate but Nobumichi Asai and his team of extraordinarily talented digital designers, CGI experts and make-up artists do an outstanding job.


Projecting on a moving target is very complex, therefore small reflective markers are placed on the model’s face very precisely so that the infrared system can calibrate with the model’s position and track movement in real time. As the model moves during projection, the visuals follow.


The technique is yet to be improved. Currently, fast movement causes the projection to fall off the model’s face, nevertheless Nobumichi Asai has been continuously working on perfecting this technique intact he has made immense progress since Omote’s release. He challenges himself to pursue improving accuracy so that deeper expressions can be projected onto these moving targets and this progress is apparent in his newest release.







Be sure to check out more of Nobumuchi Asai’s work at: www.nobumichiasai.com