I scream You scream We All scream for ICE CREAM!

I-CE NY is the spot to get original smashed and rolled ice cream from Thailand. They make their ice cream in front of the customers to give them a fun experience while waiting for their ice creams.

Customers can create their own flavors by choosing an ice cream base (ice cream liquid), different mixers, toppings and sauces. ¬†With this creative customization, every cup turns out to be very unique and perfectly match their customers’ tastes.

So how are these rolled delights made?? First, an ice cream base and mixers are poured onto a special iced plate. Then, all ingredients will be chopped and smashed together with metal paddles as they start to freeze. In just minutes, the cream firms up and it will be spread into a thin layer, then, scraped into the chubby rolls.

I-CE NY just opened August 1st, 2015. We assure you that it is the destination for those who would like to have a unique experience!

Customers can witness the whole ice cream making process that takes only a couple minutes, but which they will probably remember forever!
It is a very Tastefully Smashed treat! A must try!

Address: 101 Macdougal St, New York.