OK Go’s – I Won’t Let You Down Music Video Did Not Let Us Down!

Ok Go Zen 2 (1)

OK Go, the American alternative rock band which originated in Chicago, is well known for their eccentric and quirky music videos. Just like their previous videos OK Go’s new music video of the song “I Won’t Let You Down” has dazzled us. It is obvious that they put an incredible amount of work and effort into creating this impeccable choreography.

For this video, OK Go collaborated with Honda and featured their compact size personal mobility device “the UNI-CUB” in the video. The band describes the UNI-CUB as very easy to navigate forward, backward, laterally and diagonally. They believe this innovative device is the future of the common chair.

We really enjoyed this video, hope you fell the same way! You can also check out the behind the scenes interview with Damian and Tim from OK Go.

We also recommend you to try the cool simulation feature they have on the “I Won’t Let You Down” website:  www.iwontletyoudown.com


Here is one we created..