Projection Mapping: Pixel


Projection Mapping is a technology that uses regular objects and bizarre surfaces as the screen on to which video is projected. These objects vary according to desired outcomes, which can range from high-rises to a common chair. This technique is frequently used by advertisers and artists to create optical illusions, add new dimensions to and simulate the motion of stationary objects.


After the surface of projection is chosen a complete replica of the object is created. The next step is to decide on what to project onto it. Then the step called “masking” begins, in which the objects chosen as surfaces are virtually covered to disguise their actual forms.

pixels 3

We wanted to share with you a stunning performance exploring the interaction of 3-D projection mapping and dance called “Pixel”. This interactive spectacle by Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne is absolutely breathtaking. To check out more of this genius duo’s work go to

More of Projection Mapping to come!