Vic’s New York City

Vicki Freeman and Mark Meyer’s new restaurant Vic’s opened in 2014 and replaced Five Points, another staple restaurant by the same owners. Vic’s is the place to go whether for brunch, lunch or dinner!

The Menu is constructed of traditional Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, using ingredients from American farms. Hillary Sterling, the head chef of Vic’s, says “it is a challenge to create authentic flavors with local ingredients.” She mentions “traditional Italian and Mediterranean cuisines require a lot of herbs and acid.” In our point of view, she was able to capture the perfect balance in all her dishes.

To list few of our favorite dishes:

  • The heirloom carrots with Dill, Capers and roasted shallots
  • The crispy Sweet onions with Dried Tomato, Parmigiano
  • The roasted chicken with spring onions, Fingerlings, charred broccoli, chilies
  • The tomato pizza with BasiL, young pecorino (the pizza crusts are thin, crispy and charred perfectly)
  • The Cacio e Pepe pasta with Black Pepper, Pecorino, Parmigiano
  • The borsa “little purse” pasta with Ricotta filling, Hazelnut and Lemon (the soft and creamy filling is to die for! – definitely one of the signature/must-try dishes)

Vic’s has an open and bright interior with natural light entering from the sunroof overhead. The open kitchen allows customers to enjoy watching the food being prepared.

Next time you are in search of a hip and breezy place to go in NY, be sure to check out Vic’s!

Address: 31 Great Jones St, New York, NY